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Junior Storage & Early Years School Storage and Furniture

All our junior storage and early years furniture is manufactured at our Cumbrian factory to a very high standard which enables us to offer a 10-year guarantee with normal usage. For your peace of mind, all items are FIRA tested. Unless shown otherwise all furniture items are fitted with 4 x10cm wheels with 2 braked. All tray storage items use only genuine Gratnell® trays and nylon runners, which help to ensure a long trouble-free life. All furniture is supplied ready assembled and delivered by our own transport directly to you. 
Our tray and quadrant storage and easy access ranges are available in 11 colours + beech and maple and have been spread load tested to 100KG. Our range of cupboards and shelving are also available in this colour range and all cupboards are locking and fitted with safety hinges. Cubby hole storage is a scaled-down version of Easy access and is available with or without tubs.
Our unique Slimline furniture range is ideal where space is limited and offers 3 tray base widths and 3 styles of top storage units.
There is a wide range of Kinderbox and resource trolleys and our Trublue ® signature range of thoughtfully created Junior play, early years and role play is proving very popular and supplied in the calming colours of Maple and Light Blue. It helps to enable the transition from play to learning and can aid a relaxed smaller early years environment or equally a more traditional classroom setting.