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Cubby Hole School Storage

Here at Wonderwall, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of furniture and equipment suitable for junior and early years school settings. The products and accessories we produce are made with safe, high-quality materials, manufactured in our Cumbrian factory and delivered to you readily assembled on our own transport.. From storage furniture to mini whiteboards, divider screens to cupboards and shelves, our furniture is made with children in mind. Our colourful cubby hole storage units are no exception.

[expander_maker id="1" more="MORE" less="LESS"] Cubby hole shelves are particularly important in early years classrooms as they are essential for allocating resources for different activities, storing individual children’s bags and sports kit and separating out toys and equipment, whilst still be accessible. We offer a choice of units in bright colours that can be ordered in different configurations to suit your environment .Some units are either open at the back, so can be accessed from both sides, others have the option of having locking doors . They can be supplied with or without tubs, which are available in coloured or clear plastic. Our school cubby storage collection includes fixed larger cubby hole storage units that sit flush on the ground for additional stability or smaller units with lockable castors. These are ideal for changing classroom layouts and offers a flexible solution for creating different spaces within the setting. Two of our more popular school storage items are the Colourbox Childrens Stepped Storage unit and our Colourbox Cubby Hole Junior Cloakroom Storage unit. Available in small cubby hole storage sizes or a larger version to suit your needs .Larger cubby hole units are ideal for shoe storage , or pupils’ work materials and workbooks. The early stages and junior years settings in school are vital for stimulating and teaching children so we create furniture that is fun, functional and made to last. We guarantee longevity and durability in our products which is why all our cubby storage furniture comes with a 10-year warranty. .

Cubby Hole Junior Cloakroom Storage

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Childrens Stepped Storage

From£144.00 to £181.20 Incl. VAT
Cubby Hole Childrens Storage Unit

From£180.00 to £338.40 Incl. VAT
Plastic Tubs

£49.20 Incl. VAT