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Whiteboards & Magnetic Whiteboards

Everybody is familiar with whiteboards from the small sizes popular for home use, to the wall covering sizes more reminiscent of your school or college days. Our range goes from A4 hand held sizes to 3 metre wide magnetic versions, the largest whiteboard available in the UK, which is available in our extra large magnetic whiteboards collection. 
“Magnetic” is used to describe any steel whiteboard that accepts magnets not that the surface itself is magnetic. All our whiteboards are dry wipe and can be used with any brand of dry markers although our own range are dual purpose and can be used effectively on glass whiteboards as well due to a specially formulated ink.
Our whiteboard range covers magnetic whiteboards and non-magnetic whiteboards, where you have the option of one side plain and the reverse faintly gridded. We also have eco-friendly whiteboards, aluminium frame and frameless whiteboards where we have a modular product called “Whiteboard Wall” available in non-magnetic or magnetic versions. A very popular choice.
Also featured are 2 versions of revolving mobile whiteboards, folding spacesaver whiteboards and our very popular and unique range of dry wipe magnetic Timeminder® printed time line products that can be used over and over again. See also our range of board accessories.
Last but not least are our stunning range of white and coloured magnetic glass whiteboards with sizes up to 2.4 metres wide. These are a real focal point in any environment. Larger sizes of these are always delivered on our own transport, The writing surface will last for years!