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Meeting Room Tables

Our extensive range of school furniture and office furniture has been designed and created so that you can make the most of your available workspace. The products we manufacture are essential to workplace environments and provide useful and convenient solutions to optimize your office or school layout. Our meeting room tables for example, can be joined together to make a long board room table, can be used singularly for exam or test situations, or can be joined into modular shapes for group work or discussions. The meeting room sets we make not only look modern and stylish but are easy to use too. Removeable legs mean that our office tables can be stored easily when not required, and the adjustable legs make our meeting room tables suited to use not only for board rooms, but as lower coffee tables or adjusted for younger users. Your classroom or board room is an area where creativity, interactivity and collaboration are encouraged and practiced frequently. Having the ability to move your office furniture around and to change the configuration of your meeting rooms, gives you the flexibility to use your space for different exercises, meetings and activities.

[expander_maker id="1" more="MORE" less="LESS"] Our meeting room tables, come in a choice of sizes, shapes and finishes to ensure that not only do they complement your meeting room or board room, but that they can be easily arranged for different uses and layouts. We offer a choice of different shaped modular table systems too. Whilst our square tables may be the most effective for changing configurations, our semi-circular and trapezoidal are popular too for a more fun twist on meeting room furniture. Rubber shoes on the table legs mean the tables are always secure and non-slip and the chromium plated finish is easy to clean and gives a modern aesthetic when paired with the wood effect tabletops.